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Welcome to your Factory Authorized, distributor of genuine new and used Hydrobike Explorer water bikes & parts.

Since 1990, Hydrobike Explorer has established itself as the world's premier human powered watercraft. They are enjoyed by everyone from 8-80 in 71 countries now.
Eco Friendly Hydrobikes Are The World's #1 Selling Water Bikes
"I personally believe that the Hydro-Bike Explorer is the most revolutionary concept in cycling since the mountain bike, and would highly recommend it as a very safe and fun watercraft; a wonderful alternative to cycling on busy streets." Randy Schellenberg, CYCLE TIME Products, Vernon, BC Advanced Technology Water Bike

John: "I love my Hydrobike and consider it in the category of one of the greatest purchases I have ever made in my life." Robert Thayer, Illinois More from Customers

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Used Hydrobikes For Sale: $1899 plus shipping, with warranty
Email, or call John at 1-888-403-9012

Hydrobike Endorsement; "What a fantastic machine!"
I have worked as an engineer at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the past 26 years. I had been looking for a pedal powered water bike for some time and researched the various models that were commercially available and finally decided on the Hydrobike. It is even better than I had imagined!

Whoever designed this machine thought of every little detail. Everything went together perfectly. I weigh about 235 lbs so I was worried about stability. No problem at all. I can stand on one pontoon and the bike is still completely stable. It is really fast and easy to handle. It was almost effortless.

What an incredible machine! It handled the rough water with no problem, went into the wind easily and was a pleasure all round to use. The designer thought of everything!

Jim Myers, Florida
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